How to Protect Your Printer Network from Cyberattacks

Let us shock you with some statistics about printer security. According to a report by HP, less than 2% of business printers are secure. That’s right, less than 2%!

Printers are often overlooked as a potential cyber security risk, but they can serve as a gateway for hackers to access your network and steal your personal data.  Printers store sensitive information, such as financial records, employee details, tax files, Wi-Fi passwords, and personal data of individuals. They also have access to connected computers and networks, which can be exploited for further attacks.

Here are just some of the ways you can protect printers and printer networks in your home or office from cyberattacks:

1. Update your printer firmware regularly

Firmware updates can fix security vulnerabilities and improve performance. We check for updates on your printer manufacturer’s website or use a print management software to automate the process.

2. Disable unused network protocols and services

Printers may have features that enable them to communicate with other devices using protocols such as LLMNR, SNMP, FTP, or Telnet. These features can expose your printer to cyberattacks if they are not needed or configured properly. R&D Computers has knowledgeable, certified technicians to disable them in your printer settings or set up a firewall to block them.

3. Limit network printing

Network printing allows you to print from any device on the same network as your printer, but it also increases the risk of unauthorized print jobs or data theft. R&D Computers will limit network printing by configuring your printer settings so that it only responds to commands from the network router or a specific IP address range.

4. Use print management software

Print management software can help you track who is using your printer and how they are using it. We provide encryption, authentication, and authorization software features to secure your print data and prevent unauthorized access.

5. Secure your printing ports

Printing ports are the physical connections that allow your printer to communicate with other devices. They can be USB ports, Ethernet ports, or wireless ports. Employee training is critical to protecting your printer and IT networks from hacking. Our staff will train your employees to be aware of potential vulnerabilities and instruct them on action steps to take to prevent an unauthorized person from plugging in a malicious device or accessing your printer remotely.

Don’t let hackers use your printers as a gateway to your network and data.  R&D Computers specializes in network security and managed IT services that include 24/7 network monitoring and intrusion detection, updating your printer software and hardware, and employee training and secure procedures to protect your printer and IT networks.

With over 39 years of experience in managed print and IT services, our team is a secure choice! Schedule your FREE discovery assessment today!