6 Steps to Finding a Managed Print Services Partner in Atlanta

Print operations often get forgotten when considering ways to save money. If you are ignoring the cost of your print operations, you are definitely spending more money than necessary. Consider working with an MPS partner to help you optimize your print environment, reduce costs up to 30%, and protect against hackers.  

Printing is essential for many tasks, such as creating patient records, printing prescriptions, scanning insurance forms, and sending faxes. However, printing can also be a source of frustration, waste, and risk if not managed properly. That’s why your company should consider these steps in hiring a company that offers managed print services (MPS).

6 Steps to Finding a MPS Provider

  1. Know Your Needs
    Evaluate your organization’s printing needs and requirements to help you identify the functionalities you need in a managed print solution. Start by analyzing your company’s printing volume. Also, take note of the number and types of printers and copiers used in your business and the type of issues you are having.
  2. Determine the Total Costs
    Consider the total cost of ownership and maintenance. These include ongoing maintenance and support; costs of supplies and consumables; emergency services and technical support. Finding a company that offers a flat monthly fee structure avoids any expensive unknowns. Choose an MPS that offers the best value for your organization.
  3. Assess the Vendors Experience and Expertise
    Search for vendors with a proven track record. Ask for references and case studies to gain insight into their experience and success in the field. A knowledgeable vendor can help you identify opportunities for process improvement and cost savings.
  4. Verify the Vendors’ Security Protocols
    Cybercrime is prevalent so security is a critical concern when it comes to managed print services, especially in the medical field. Look for vendors with robust security measures in place including encryption and data backup and recovery capabilities. Also ensure the vendor is compliant with industry regulations, especially if you are a healthcare system adhering to the standards required by HIPPA. 
  5. Chose a Vendor that Integrates Existing Hardware
    When evaluating vendors, they need to be able to integrate with your current print environment to ensure seamless operation and maximum efficiency. By doing so, you can reduce implementation costs and minimize disruptions to your business operations. Also, consider the vendor’s compatibility with different printer models, operating systems and software applications. 
  6. Consider the Vendor’s Service Agreements and Support Options
    Look for vendors with service agreements that cover all aspects of print management including hardware, software, and supplies. Also, consider the vendor’s support options including phone and email support, online support portals and on-site support options. Take note of vendors with a strong track record of providing timely and effective support to their customers. 

Bottom Line

Choosing the right managed print solution can have a significant impact on your organization’s efficiency, productivity, and overall success. These services can help you achieve several benefits for your medical office.

  1. Saving money
    MPS can help you reduce your printing costs by up to 30% by eliminating unnecessary devices and maintaining and updating your equipment and handling your printer supplies.
  2. Providing Business Operation Analysis
    MPS consultants provide an in-depth analysis of your business operations and optimum device utilization. They will review your current systems and provide recommendations to improve them – removing old devices, integrating or shifting existing hardware components, and buying new equipment when needed. Then implement the solutions into a unified solution.
  3. Improving Efficiency
    Partnering with an MPS can help you streamline your workflows and enhance your productivity by ensuring that your devices are always functional, up-to-date, and compatible with your IT systems. MPS can also provide you with cloud-based solutions that enable you to print from anywhere, scan to email or cloud storage, and integrate with your electronic medical records (EMR) system.
  4. Enhancing Security
    Did you know printers are targets for hackers who want to steal your data, spy on your activities, or disrupt your operations Don’t let hackers use your printers as a gateway to your network and data. Managed print services can monitor your network for threats and provide you with regular reports on your print activity and compliance status. These services help you protect your sensitive data by implementing security features such as encryption, authentication, access control, audit trails.  

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