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How a Large Hospital System Used Break/Fix Services to Eliminate Printer Downtime


The hospital system is a network of hospitals and medical facilities operating across 25 counties in Georgia with 5 acute-care hospitals and over 200 outpatient facilities. Based in the greater Atlanta area, it employes over 3000 providers and 25,000 employees. The hospital system’s mission is to provide quality health care services, compassionate support and uncompromising standards to its patients and the communities it serves.

The hospital system had a printer fleet that was supplied, managed, and serviced by several different vendors. It was an inefficient and costly approach that resulted in wasted resources and issues such as printer downtime, toner shortages and wrist scanners that often-needed repair. Downtime on wrist scanners was particularly worrisome, since they were worn by patients for identification, as well as for access to medical records pertinent to patient care.


The hospital system decided to partner with R&D Computers, Inc., a leading provider of managed print services (MPS) in Georgia. R&D Computers conducted an inventory of printers, peripherals, and scanners, and developed a Break/Fix contract with the hospital system.

Under this agreement, R&D Computers performed services as needed to repair the hospitals equipment, including printers, scanners, and wrist scanners. All supplies and onsite service were included in one simple invoice every month.


By working with R&D Computers’ customized support program, the hospital system achieved significant benefits such as:

  • Reduced costs by saving on maintenance, repairs, and supplies.
  • Improved efficiency by increasing uptime and reliability of its devices, thanks to R&D Computers’ policy of swapping out equipment for units needing repair, so the hospital experienced no downtime.
  • Increased satisfaction and staff productivity by providing the hospital uninterrupted access to high-quality printing devices. The hospital system also received positive feedback from its patients who appreciated the faster and more accurate wrist scanning process.


The hospital system successfully transformed its printing environment by partnering with R&D Computers’ Break/Fix Program. The hospital system reduced its repair costs, improved its efficiency, and increased its satisfaction by leveraging R&D Computers certified technician and ‘no downtime’ solution. With the guidance of an exceptional account manager, the hospital system continues to work with R&D Computers to optimize its printing operations and achieve its goals.

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