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How Organized are Your Network’s Shared Files?

A fairly universal experience of office workers is the dreaded feeling you get when you can’t find a file. Whether it’s a word processing document, an image, scanned data, or a different type of digital file, odds are that you’ve experienced the time-consuming and aggravating task of not being able to find the data you’re looking for in your business’ shared network. Panic and, ultimately, frustration set in as you have to pull coworkers away from their tasks to help locate the file-or worse-you begin to recreate it. So, what can you do to bypass all of the undue stress that comes with an unruly digital filing system?

The first step is to determine and standardize filing labels throughout your organization. For example, name your document “ABC Company Invoice 5.30.16” instead of “ABC” or simply “5.30.16,” because descriptive labeling will help users locate the file later. Maintaining standardized folders and subfo…

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