6 Reasons Why Asset Tagging Is Important

Reduce Costs, Risks and Waste

Keep your printers, as well as other hardware and software assets, in good operational condition with an Asset Tagging management plan. The purpose of asset tags is to automatically deliver hardware, supplies, track locations, manage repairs and anticipate replacements as your devices age.

Benefits of Asset Tagging

  1. Quickly retrieve identification information.
  2. Provide real time location information to secure your assets from misuse or theft.
  3. Track hardware as it moves among employees, departments, and locations.
  4. Automatically schedule delivery of supplies like toner and ink cartridges.
  5. Manage updates to reduce record keeping errors.
  6. Streamline software updates and maintenance to prevent unexpected breakdowns.

What is Asset Tagging?

Asset Tags are unique identifiers for your physical and digital assets. They should include product name and serial number, and other information that needs to be tracked. Tags need to be placed on sign off forms, outside of the product box for delivery, directly on the product, and logged into a tracking application.

Some companies try to maintain their own tracking system, but the best way to manage devices from purchase through tracking, ordering supplies, repair, maintenance, and replacement is with a reputable Managed Print Company (MPS).

How to Choose an MPS Partner to Manage Asset Tagging

Look for an MPS company that is willing to customize their services to meet your needs. Services should include:

  1. Providing competitive pricing on new equipment
  2. Warehousing replacement equipment and products
  3. Providing overnight and next day on site or depot service
  4. Employing skilled and certified technicians
  5. Including tracking support with up to the minute information for supply delivery, performance, and maintenance.
  6. Agreeing to a monthly all-inclusive invoice with no hidden costs

Bottom Line

Asset tagging is a valuable practice for companies of all sizes. The practice reduces costs, risks and waste and ensures just-in-time support during all phases of a product’s lifecycle. One monthly invoice covers all aspects of the company’s services, including implementing and managing Asset tagging and reporting. An MPS company will provide reports and insights to supply usage, product and software updates and forecast of obsolete product replacement.

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