7 Reasons to Purchase Toner as Part of a Managed Print Service

Bundling Toner with Managed Print Services Saves Time and Reduces Downtime

Every business regardless of size has problems with printers. Generally, little thought goes into the upkeep of these devices until the toner runs out, or the printer stops working.

According to the whitepaper, Take the Pain Out of Printing’ by CDW, 40% of all printer-related issues account for half of help desk calls. This problem means that your IT department is busy dealing with toner and printer service calls rather than handling strategic IT projects. Statistics suggest that many organizations spend 1-3% of their total annual revenue on toner and ink.

Benefits of Toner and Printer Management with Managed Print Services (MPS)

  1. Never Run Out of Toner
    Printer and toner supplies are delivered and even installed before you notice they are needed.
  2. Automatic Printer Repairs
    Fast response with warehoused hardware and onsite and depot repair extends your hardware lifespan and guarantees uptime.
  3. Intelligent Predictive Analysis
    Monthly data collection and reporting help predict your hardware and service needs and prepare for replacement and growth.
  4. Streamlined Device Management
    Continuous assessment for potential hardware and software issues allows you to control costs.
  5. Asset Tracking Program
    Asset Tag labeling allows tracking and lifespan management for hardware and software assets.
  6. Ongoing Printer Security
    Network and hardware monitoring protect your organization from the increasing frequency of cyberattacks.
  7. Controlled Monthly Costs
    Customizable monthly billing strategies cover all consumables, monitoring, repair, and software costs.

Timely Printer Toner/Cartridge Management
Simple Program, Simple Process

Remove ordering toner and repairing or replacing printers from your IT Team’s management list. Managed Print Services’ predictive analysis automatically allows you to receive toner, supplies and technical support when needed.

Getting fast and reliable toner shouldn’t be a headache. Local technicians and service associates are trained in efficiently getting you the premium or remanufactured toner your team needs. Onsite and overnight delivery and repairs speed up return to service.

Guaranteed Perfect Printer Repair and Installation
Get the equipment maintenance and replacement covered

One way to prevent future printer problems is to have an experienced company handle the installation of your new equipment. Managed Print Services guarantees that your devices are perfectly installed and 100% ready for use.

An MPS contract includes delivery, installation and integration of equipment, going way beyond simple cartridge management to include Asset Tag Labeling. All hardware and digital assets are tagged with a unique barcode identifier to ensure smooth adoption and simplified support. Asset labeling allows effective tracking overtime of fixed assets, such as printers, document scanners and industry specific devices.

Asset Tagging keeps track of assets with a defined inventory control process that provides instant details about an asset, including repair information. Asset Tagging provides a more accurate inventory count and location data to prevent losses for assets that are frequently moved or assigned to different departments or users.

Before You Buy

  • Ask if the program covers all printers, or just the ones you purchase from that company.
  • Look for an all-inclusive contract customized to your needs with no hidden fees.
  • Make sure your service includes Asset Tag Labeling and tracking
  • Does the potential vendor offer employee training?
  • Inquire whether your potential vendor participates in a recycling program. Used cartridges can be professionally cleaned, repaired, refilled, and resold.

Bottom Line
Buy the toner, get the equipment maintenance covered.

Make printer issues disappear. Keep your business running smoothly with optimized printer performance. By contracting with a qualified managed print service company for printer toner and cartridges, you can eliminate troublesome printer failures and delays.

  • Save Time – Reduced downtime and work environment disruptions.
  • Save Money – All support, maintenance and repairs, parts and labor included in one monthly invoice.
  • Protect your Business – Security to prevent hackers from using printer devices to access your IT network.
  • 100% Guarantee – Superior and dependable service that you can trust.

Look for a company with a commitment to personalized service. An MPS will partner on additional services, like consultation on solutions that fit your office environment. Ask for an initial complimentary assessment to evaluate the equipment you have and translate that information into equipment repairs, upgrades and new purchases, if deemed beneficial to your office processes.

About R&D Computers

Managed Print Services is a better, cheaper option. R&D Computers can save you money by providing insight and control over your printer costs, and by anticipating upcoming hardware and software upgrades.

When it comes to printer and device management, our R&D Computers’ expert and certified technicians will help with any issue you have from a paper jam to a broken machine. We offer peace of mind and a higher level of service. We will get you up and running again as quickly as possible. Call us at 770-416-0103 or visit www.randdcomp.com for a totally complimentary assessment of your business environment. As always, we customize our services to meet your business needs.