Surprising Ways Managed Print Services Saves Money for Small Businesses

Looking for ways to save money and increase employee productivity? Managed Print Services (MPS) can be a game changer for your business.

Local Printer Support. MPS provides printer troubleshooting and help desk support that otherwise robs your employee and IT resources from more important initiatives.  Working with a local provider ensures a technician can be available on short notice.

Reduce Printer Waste. MPS monitors and controls the misuse of your printing hardware and supplies to prevent wasted resources and theft.  System monitoring also ensure that your printers will always have toner, and regularly serviced parts will be addressed before they cause downtime.

Secure Printer Hardware. MPS provides ongoing printer fleet software monitoring, automates and manages printer hardware updates, and monitors network activity to reduce vulnerabilities to prevent costly data breaches.

MPS Magic
And no, your business is not too small to benefit!

There are so many hidden costs and time-consuming tasks that lurk below budget expectations. They eat away at your profit. In fact, estimates predict that 50% of the costs of printing are indirect costs.

Reputable companies that offer managed print services go beyond traditional printing support by offering a comprehensive solution. Benefits are efficient print management, cost control, and workflow optimization.

Take Control of Hidden Printing Expenses

  1. Lower Unexpected Expenses. With MPS, small businesses pay a consistent monthly fee, allowing better financial planning and eliminating unexpected expenses for toner, maintenance and hardware/software updates.
  2. Reduce Wasted Employee Resources. MPS vendors handle print-related tasks, freeing staff and IT from customer support, installation, and troubleshooting. Additionally, an MPS provider can preassemble all printer equipment prior to delivery to ensure plug and play equipment installations.
  3. Enhanced Security. MPS ensures business owners that their printing environments are secure by monitoring, authentication protocols and encryption processes that protect sensitive data and help prevent costly data breaches. They can also handle employee training on saving ink and paper. More importantly, they can teach security processes and procedures that protect client information.
  4. Planful Purchasing. MPS prevents unnecessary purchases and allows efficient utilization of existing devices with periodic assessments of actual printing needs.
  5. MPS vendors ensure both hardware and software components are current and compatible with IT technology.
  6. Predictable Toner Installation: MSPs have software in place that alerts them to low toner levels for each printer. Vendors usually warehouse on-demand toner to ensure that no printer is down due to insufficient toner. They will ship, or even come onsite to replenish toner supplies on a regular basis.

Bottom Line

By leveraging the services of an MPS vendor, small businesses benefit from cost savings, improved security, and streamlined printing processes. If you’re a small or medium-sized business owner, consider exploring managed print services to enhance your overall efficiency and eliminate unnecessary spending by up to 30%.

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