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Chamblee Ace Hardware: How We Improved Their Productivity and Efficiency

Executive Summary

R&D Computers, Inc. specializing in helping medical systems, government agencies and small businesses with IT solutions and printer services. We especially values referrals from our existing clients.


Chamblee Ace Hardware is a family-owned business that has been serving the community for over 40 years. They sell a variety of hardware products and offer services such as key cutting, screen repair, and paint mixing. The company specializes in products that are not available elsewhere and takes prides in its commitment to highly personalized customer service.


Chamblee Ace Hardware was referred to us another Ace Hardware store to solve challenges with their IT infrastructure and printer performance. Their laptop was outdated and slow and was inadequate for employee access to important files and applications. Their printer network had antiquated software and limited RAM, causing loss of productivity, frequent paper jams and poor print quality.


We offered Chamblee Ace a free assessment to identify their pain points and propose solutions. After the assessment, we recommended the following actions:

  • Service their printers and replace the faulty hardware that was causing print errors.
  • Update their existing laptop and provide them with a new Dell Latitude 5520 laptop with Windows 10 and 8 GB of RAM, which would allow them to access files and applications from anywhere in the store.
  • Update their software and RAM on their five Dell OptiPlex 3050 computers, which would improve their speed and performance.


Chamblee Ace Hardware implemented our solutions and are happy with the following benefits:

  • Improved printer performance and quality, as well as saving money on paper and toner.
  • Increased productivity and efficiency with files and application access from multiple devices and locations.
  • Faster and more accurate response to customer inquiries and requests.


We are proud to have helped Chamblee Ace Hardware improve their IT infrastructure and printer performance. We continue to provide them with ongoing support and maintenance to ensure their systems are running smoothly. We believe that our solutions can help other small businesses achieve similar results and grow their business.

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