What is White Glove IT Service?

Eliminate the Hassle
with our White Glove IT Service

R&D Computers White Glove IT Service simplifies new equipment installation by eliminating the distractions and impact of new acquisitions on your IT and support staff. When your company purchases devices from us, we guarantee that they are perfectly installed and 100% ready to use. With more than 29 years in the business R & D Computers has been helping business just like yours with all their I.T. Managed Services.

Benefits of White Glove IT Service

  1. Simple – We take care of everything for you. We not only deliver, install and configure your devices, we also train your employees to ensure a smooth transition. Let us do the heavy lifting.
  2. Predictable –Our years of experience and advanced training ensure that your new equipment is fully functional and optimized. We have the expertise to do it right!
  3. Worry Free – Our White Glove Services offers a higher standard of excellence. We provide new product implementation services that you can trust.

Our White Glove Services Go Beyond Expectations!

  • Delivery, Installation and Integration – From unboxing to seamless device installation and cleanup, we provide a high level of detail. White Glove Services ensure rapid and knowledgeable installation of software, drivers, network requirements and deployment of all components.
  • Employee Training – We provide instruction on key features and functions to ensure rapid integration.
  • Asset Tag Labeling – An asset tag is a unique barcode identifier allocated to hardware and digital assets.  It details the owner, asset model, and identification number to simplify setup and allow tracking of the assets over time.  All R&D Computers White Glove deliveries include asset tag labels on both the packaging and affixed to the hardware.
  • Customized to your Needs – We are committed to your satisfaction. We are a Dell certified warranty company, and also work with other vendors to manage all warranty issues and repairs. We even provide free delivery.

Why Choose R&D Computers?

We ensure peace of mind and a higher level of service. Our stress-free White Glove Services guarantee that your new hardware investments are properly set up and fully integrated into your IT environment. Your IT staff can relax and focus on your core business.  To ask about our “White Glove Services” or other ways R & D Computers can help your business with I.T. managed services, contact us today.