5 Reasons to Consider Managed Print Services for your Medical Offices

If you run a medical office, you know how important it is to print, scan, and copy documents efficiently and securely. However, managing your print environment can be costly, time-consuming, and complex. That’s why you need managed print services (MPS) to optimize your print operations and reduce your expenses.

MPS is a service that provides you with a comprehensive solution for your print needs. MPS providers can assess your current usage, design a customized strategy, install, and maintain your printers, automate your supply orders, and monitor your print security for compliance. According to BizTech Magazine and Gartner, you can save 20% to 30% on your printing costs, improve your productivity and workflow, and protect your patient data and privacy.

  1. Simplified Planning
    To run your medical office, you have to print many important documents. A MPS will review your current systems and provide recommendations to improve them, and then implement the solutions. Ask if potential vendors can integrate your existing equipment into the network, so you purchase only what’s required to make the plan work.
  2. Controlled Costs
    The cost of printing is rising at an increasing rate. Having a qualified printing provider can help bring down those costs. With managed print services, you are in complete control over the printing process, allowing you to reduce costs without compromising the quality of your print jobs. You can also easily track your cash flow with unified billing.
  3. Automated Supply Fulfillment
    If your toner or paper supply is running low, you can order more through an automated system to minimize downtime and keep your office running smoothly. Save on paper, ink, and resources. With automated fulfillment services, you are always prepared.
  4. Consolidated Support
    Managed print services will connect you with one vendor to manage the maintenance and support of multiple devices and operations. You can decrease downtime by scheduling routine maintenance or reach out to your MPS for emergency support. A technician will be dispatched directly to your doorstep.
  5. Recycling Program
    MPS can also help you achieve your sustainability goals by reducing paper waste, energy consumption, and lowering your carbon footprint. Recycling programs for your used cartridges and devices help your office make a positive impact on the environment while improving your bottom line.

Managed print services offers many advantages for your medical office. By outsourcing your print management to a trusted provider, you can focus on delivering quality care to your patients while enjoying improved performance, security, and savings from your printing solutions.

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